Peter Malone has worked for many years as a successful children’s illustrator. The classic beauty, intricacy and occasional quirkiness of his artwork make any book by him an object of beauty.

He has illustrated modern and classic texts and among his major projects have been Peter and the Wolf (Random House USA) and Children's Bible Stories (The Folio Society). His work includes commissions from the New Yorker, book jackets and both sets of Christmas stamps for the Royal Mail. He works in gouache and watercolour and lives in Bath, England.

In press reviews his work has been described as: "lyrical; witty; poignant; haunting; exuberant; modern yet traditional; ethereal and earthy; brilliant with colour and feeling; sophisticated in composition; zesty characterisations; somewhere between Bosch and Rousseau; a marriage of Edward Gorey and the Pre-Raphaelites; he gives the child a detailed, complex but uncluttered world to explore."

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