Libby has been a published writer since she sold her first short story to Pony Annual as a teenager.

In A Family Secret (Arrow), sixteen-year-old Bessie works long hours as a weaver in Blackburn, while her older sister Peggy works as an apprentice at the Girls' School. Jennet and Titus Eastwood have always made decisions for their daughters' futures. But as the sisters near adulthood they are determined to make their own choices. And with temptation in the way, will the girls find love - or infatuation - leads them astray? For Bessie and Jennet, a difficult choice must be made - love or family . . .

Libby was born and raised in Lancashire, where she can trace her family back to the Middle Ages. It was while researching her family history that she realised there were so many stories about ordinary working people that she wanted to tell. She has previously written historical novels - The de Lacy Inheritance (Myrmidon Books) and By Loyalty Bound (Pen and Sword) – as well as local history books for Countryside Books and Sigma Press.

She currently lives in Lancashire with her son.

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