The Little Bakery on Rosemary Lane (Avon) is the second in a delightful new series from the Sunday Times bestselling author Fiona Gibson, writing under the pseudonym Ellen Berry.

When Roxanne, a high powered fashion editor living in London, gets her heart broken, she runs back to her sister Della’s welcoming home above her bookshop in Burley Bridge, Yorkshire. When walking Della’s dog Stanley, Roxanne meets Michael, a widower trying to make a go of a small bakery. Little by little, cupcake by cupcake, Roxanne and Michael fall into a comforting friendship. Could there be a life for Roxanne after all, in the place she’s spent years trying to escape?

Two further titles - The Bookshop on Rosemary Lane and The Bistro on Rosemary Lane - create a series that will be perfect for fans of Carole Matthews and Trisha Ashley. The author lives in Scotland and works as a journalist alongside writing her much loved novels.

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