Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency will be closed to new proposals until 30th September 2022. We thank you for your patience.



We welcome proposals and are keenly on the hunt for talented writers and illustrators.

For those who are mid-career, we can offer advice on building success, exploring new paths where appropriate and maximising income.

For debut authors and illustrators we have the excitement of maximising opportunities from the outset.


What we do for our clients

We intend to be an enabler, advocate, adviser and negotiator for our clients, not an intruder in the relationship between author and publisher. These are some of the things we do, but every author and illustrator is unique and will call on us in different ways.

  • Place work with an appropriate publisher, carefully assessing financial terms and marketing commitment
  • Negotiate advances
  • Negotiate royalty rates with particular attention to areas such as high discount royalty rates and ebook rates
  • Advise on career paths, suggesting new directions where appropriate
  • Keep in touch with commercial trends in print and electronic media
  • Exploit rights in all media including film, television, stage, multi-media and electronic
  • Sell translation rights and rights in America

Our basic commission rate is 15% on advances and royalties in the home market and 20% for translation, US sales and film and television.

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