Rita Bradshaw's passion for the North East grew on visits to family in the area as a child and inspired her gritty sagas set around Sunderland. Each new book is a top seller, enthusiastically promoted by book shops and supermarkets. A committed Christian and passionate animal lover, Rita's life is always full and busy - the way she likes it!

A Winter Love Song (Macmillan) is a heartwarming and moving story following the life of Bonnie Lindsay. When tragedy forces Bonnie into the care of her grandparents, but their cruelty leaves her with no choice but to flee to London, she earns her living as a singer - hiding her identity all the while. When World War II is declared, Bonnie travels to Burma and uses her talent to boost the morale of the troops. But, having fallen in love before the War began, she cannot help fearing that heartache is just around the corner and she may never find happiness again...

  • "Raw passion and power on every page." Northern Echo
  • Number 1 Kindle Saga Bestseller
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