Rita Bradshaw's passion for the North East grew on visits to family in the area as a child, which inspired her gritty sagas set around Sunderland. Each new book is a bestseller, enthusiastically promoted by book shops and supermarkets. A committed Christian and passionate animal lover, Rita's life is always full and busy - the way she likes it!

In The Storm Child (Macmillan), it’s mid-winter, and in the throes of a fierce blizzard Elsie Redfern and her husband discover an unknown girl in their hay barn about to give birth. After the young mother dies, Elsie takes the infant in and raises her as her own daughter, her precious storm child. Years pass. With womanhood comes the Second World War, along with more heartbreak, grief and betrayal. Then, a new but dangerous love beckons; can Gina ever escape the dark legacy of the storm child?

  • Top Ten Sunday Times Bestseller
  • Number 1 Kindle Saga Bestseller
  • "Raw passion and power on every page." Northern Echo
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