Darryl Gadzekpo and Ella Phillips fell in love in the kitchen. When they switched to a plant-based diet, their energy levels went up and their stress levels went down. Their kitchen soon became a laboratory where they could experiment with the Caribbean flavours they’d grown up with.

From growing their own vegetables in their urban garden to establishing an organic co-op to bridge the gap between their community and local farmers, Ella and Darryl take a hands-on approach to food. Their company Electric Future Foods puts on cooking workshops and pop-up dining experiences around London, showcasing healthy and organic vegan food at its best.

From Plant to Plate (DK Children, May 2024) Ella and Darryl's wonderful new book, is the perfect way to inspire kids to get growing, get cooking, and get plant-powered eating. Featuring 25 recipes it explores the journey of their food, showing children the whole process from plant to cooking pot.

Ella's newest book My Grandma's Magic Recipes, illustrated by Camilla Sucre, is the first in a magical four-part-series exploring stories and recipes for every season. Starting with Winter Warmth, Benjamin Zephaniah describes it as "A superbly crafted, beautifully illustrated, poetic book, and we are blessed with recipes at the end. This book is magical."


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