Darryl Gadzekpo and Ella Phillips work in film and the arts. At their home in South London they have been cultivating their own organic vegetable garden, the perfect playground for plant based experiments. In 2016 they established culinary project Electric Future Foods, an innovative approach to cooking and hosting events, with the aim of creating a playful, tasty and thought-provoking entry point to a plant-based diet. Combining big flavours with good music and a welcoming atmosphere, they create unforgettable dining experiences across London.

Collaborating with farms, cafes and community spaces, they have been developing dishes inspired by their Caribbean backgrounds. From pop-up restaurants to cooking classes, they love sharing ideas and inspiration for how people might re-imagine their diets, while enjoying themselves in the kitchen and garden. They are currently writing a cookbook together which they hope can empower people to have their own fun and flavoured-packed foodie journeys.


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