Donna Douglas's Nightingale novels have been bestsellers since their first publication and now each book rides high in the Sunday Times list on publication. The series opens in 1934 as three girls set out on the path to become nurses at the Nightingale Teaching Hospital and each new novel takes their story on to further heartache and happiness.

The latest novel in the series, A Nightingale Christmas Promise (Arrow, October 2018), goes back to the First World War as the Nightingale Hospital welcomes its first set of new recruits. Anna's happy upbringing is shattered as her family's German roots wrench them apart in ways she never could have imagined. Kate dreams of becoming a doctor but she must first summon the courage to tackle the prejudice around her. Sadie becomes a nurse to escape her interfering mother, but her family legacy may not be so easy to escape. As the shadow of war descends, will the promise of Christmas help to bring the students together?

Donna also writes The Nurses of Steeple Street series. She lives in York.

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