Donna Douglas's novels have been bestsellers since their first publication and each new book rides high in the Sunday Times list on publication.

Her new series set during the Hull Blitz begins with A Mother's Journey, (Trapeze, February 2020). Edie Copeland arrives on Jubilee Row with a suitcase and a secret, looking for a new start. But Edie’s a stranger and her fellow tenants don't hesitate to remind her of this, but her kindly neighbours, the Maguires and the Scuttles, are much more welcoming. As the air raid sirens sound and the war draws closer, the community must come together despite their differences. Will Edie’s past catch up with her? And when the truth comes out, will she still be able to call Jubilee Row home?

Donna is the author of the bestselling Nightingale Nurses series (Arrow) which follows the young nurses of the Nightingale Teaching Hospital during the World Wars. She began writing stories on top of the coal shed when she was a child, but has since graduated to a spare room at her home in York, where she lives with her husband and a cat called Trevor.

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