Dyan Sheldon is a hugely successful author of the internationally bestselling picture book The Whales' Song (Random House), and the New York Times bestselling Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, which became a major Disney film starring Lindsey Lohan.

In her latest novel Hello, I Must Be Going (Walker), Sorrel might be dead but that doesn't mean she's gone. Her best friends Celeste, Reuben and Orlando are falling apart because of their grief - and because of their demanding, controlling parents. So Sorrel decides she won't be properly dead until she's sorted out her friends' lives and shown them the importance of being the person you want to be before it's too late!

Dyan was born and raised in the US, and moved to London later in life. Among her passions are pumpkins, lizards, chilli peppers, yoga and Volkswagen Beetles.

  • "Lola will rightfully take her place among the unforgettable and lively female characters of young adult novels. Like its heroine, the story is off-beat, outrageous and utterly charming." School Library Journal on Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.
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