The People's Princess (HarperCollins) is the enthralling follow up title to the bestselling title, Before the Crown.

Ahead of her wedding to Prince Charles, Lady Diana Spencer is quickly realising that marrying a prince might not be all fairy tale. As she prepares for her wedding, isolated and adrift from her friends, Diana is drawn to the journals of another princess who lived 150 years before her, Princess Charlotte. As Diana reads about Charlotte’s life, she recognises the many parallels with her own - but she is unaware of just how similarly her story will reflect Charlotte’s in her extraordinary popularity and tragically early death...

Flora began writing over 30 years ago . Under various pseudonyms she has written fiction and non-fiction in a range of genres, and now has more than 75 books under her belt. Flora is fascinated by the relationship between the past and the present, which is always at the heart of her writing. She lives in the historic city of York and can see the ancient city walls and York Minster from her front door.

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