Glenda Young is an exciting talent writing gripping and heart-wrenching stories and is a top 50 paperback bestseller.

Glenda's latest and much-anticipated saga title, The Sixpenny Orphan (Headline), follows the story of sisters Poppy and Rose. After the death of their parents, they are taken in by widow Nellie Harper. But whilst they have a roof over their heads, the young orphans are unloved, unwanted, and always hungry, with only one pair of boots between them. Keen to make money, Nellie hatches a plan to sell the girls to the mysterious Mr Scurrfield. But when the day comes for them to leave, Scurrfield reveals he will take only one of the sisters - and he will decide which it will be on the turn of a sixpence. Foul Play at the Seaview Hotel (Headline), the third and final novel in her cosy crime series will publish in September 2023.

Glenda lives in the North-East and has written short stories for Take a BreakMy Weekly and The People’s Friend. She was commissioned by The People's Friend to write their first weekly soap opera, Riverside. She is also a fan of Coronation Street, running two fan websites and publishing a number of books based on the show. She has talked about her writing widely in the media, including an interview on Woman's Hour.

  • “Amazing novels!” Sharon Marshall, ITV This Morning presenter
  • "Such a good writer - she's fantastic." Jane Garvey, Woman's Hour on BBC Radio 4
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