Glenda Young is an exciting new talent. Her debut saga, Belle of the Back Streets (Headline, 2018), tells the story of 15 year old Meg Sutcliffe, whose life comes crashing down when her dad dies after returning from the Great War. With her mam ill and money dwindling, Meg takes over her dad’s rag and bone cart to earn enough to stave off their debtors.

Glenda lives in the North-East and over the last two years has been writing short stories for Take a Break, My Weekly and The People’s Friend. She was commissioned by The People's Friend to write their first soap opera, Riverside, which runs weekly. She is a fan of Coronation Street and runs two fan websites and has also published a number of books based on Coronation Street.

  • "It has all the ingredients for a perfect Saga and I loved Meg; she's such a strong and believable character. A fantastic debut. Glenda's a fab writer." Emma Horby 
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