Nicky Pellegrino writes delectable page-turners about friendship, food and family with Italy as a backdrop. Her books include Delicious, Summer At The Villa Rosa, The Italian Wedding, Recipe For Life and Under Italian Skies.

Her latest novel A Dream of Italy (Orion) follows four strangers who arrive in the beautiful mountain town of Montenello, each having bought a historic building for a single Euro - on the condition that they renovate their homes and bring new life to the local community. For each of them, Montenello offers a different promise of happiness, but can they turn their dream of Italy into reality?

Nicky Pellegrino grew up on Merseyside and now lives in Auckland, New Zealand with a husband, dogs, horses and vegetable garden. She works as a freelance journalist, with columns in the NZ Listener and the NZ Woman’s Weekly.

  • "A novel about the joy of learning to live again. It also made me very hungry." JoJo Moyes on Recipe for Life
  • "Compelling... the travel bits made me want to book a trip to Venice ASAP." Daily Mail on A Year at Hotel Gondola
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