Nicky Pellegrino writes delectable page-turners about friendship, food and family with Italy as a backdrop. Her books include Delicious, Summer At The Villa Rosa, The Italian Wedding, Recipe For Life and Under Italian Skies.

The number 1 bestselling title in New Zealand, P.S. Come To Italy (Orion) tells the story of Belle. When Belle's quiet, idyllic life on the coast starts to crumble, it's a stranger - thousands of miles away in Italy - who provides a shoulder to cry on. And so, when Enrico sends her a beautiful gift with a note signed off 'P.S. Come to Italy!' she decides to follow her heart.

Marry Me In Italy (Orion) is Nicky's next novel and is due for release in September 2024.

Nicky Pellegrino grew up on Merseyside and now lives in Auckland, New Zealand with a husband, dogs, horses and vegetable garden. She works as a freelance journalist, with columns in the NZ Listener and the NZ Woman’s Weekly.

  • "The kind of book you read once, but you remember forever." Her World on Tiny Pieces of Us
  • "A novel about the joy of learning to live again. It also made me very hungry." JoJo Moyes on Recipe for Life
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